Shooting The Bear

For a recent unit in my Photography course at college, we were required to pick a location that had a specific draw or meaning to us in which to shoot a series of photos.

I chose a Pub, in the heart of (slightly dodgy) Camberwell in South East London called The Bear Freehouse.

Why, you might ask, did I choose a dimly lit boozer in the depths of South London?  Just minutes about from the infamous Maudsley Hospital and Kings College Hospital, which always makes for *ahem* interesting customers and people watching? Because, there is nothing like the English pub anywhere else in the world, certainly not back home in Sydney. Each pub it’s own unique identity, feel, history and band of loyal regulars that hold up the bar, day in, day out.

I have known this pub going on five years now, have lived and previously worked there for about three of those years. The regulars are my friends, the staff, my family.

I can’t say enough how amazing The Bear is, with its amazing food inspired from Southern France (think duck confit, chicken liver parfait and coqulet) and regularly rotating selection of unique beers it deserves more praise then I can sing it.

However, back to my project! I frequented The Bear on many occasions: Quiz, night, functions, parties, swing dance, Sunday roast, busy Saturday nights and quiet Wednesdays when sometimes it was just me and my camera, annoying the staff.

Here are some of my photos that a took at The Bear, camera in one hand, cider in the other!

After taking many many photos (any drink many many ciders) I decided to make a flyer to promote this beautiful, independent pub that I love so much.

So, here it :


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