Our Individual Mark

Continuing on with the Typology project from Unit 4, the class was divided into groups of six and each given the  individual mission to create a small Typology using something of only those in our group (ourselves included).
I did not want to do anything too invasive, such as urine (yes, that path was taken by one student..) but still wanted it to be something unique and individual to each person; our own marks that we leave. After deciding on the theme of my group Typology, there seemed to be only one such thing about each of us that I could photograph that would adhere to my ideas: SIGNATURES!
Each and every person has created their own signature that they use day in and day out to identify themselves, to make their mark.
It is something that can evolve and change throughout your life, based on decisions and circumstances, but everyone has a signature.

I, personally don’t like my signature! I ‘designed’ it when I was very young and I find it quite childish but it is on everything (bank cards, Passports. You name it!) and to change it would be a lengthy and troublesome process.

So, everybody in my group wrote their signature, quite large, on an A4 piece of paper and I photographed each person holding it up in front of their face; so that their signature was the only identifying factor of them in the image.




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