Staring at the Wall

Another unit done and dusted! Unit 4 (Visual Communication in Art and Design) was finally submitted after being started in January! It was quite a big unit, with two major projects to be completed.

The first project was Typologies, which are images presented in a grid of items or subjects the are “the same but different”. Usually of the overlooked or the mundane, Typologies not only record a moment in time, but they prompt the viewer to consider the subjects place in the world.
Here are two quick examples of a Typology:

We were then given a quick task, to go around college and the surrounding area and shoot a Typology. Sounds easy right? Well I was stumped at first; literally just staring at the outside brick wall of college and then, BAM! Brick walls!  They are many and varied and are certainly mundane enough to qualify for a Typology.
As I went around shooting (I ended up with twenty-four different types of walls), these walls starting becoming a representation of the area and how its looked after. They became a sort of time-line of the buildings, with some new brick work and some crawling with mould being indicative of how long the buildings been there, who lives there perhaps and how its cared for. Which really fit the qualification of a Typology to a tee!

Brickwork Typology

Brick Walls Typology

Brick Walls Typology

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