For the love of film

Recently I went to Croatia for a short holiday and as always I had the usual dilemma of which camera to take with me! I settled on my canon SLR and Contax RTS film camera, which takes the most beautiful photos.
I do admit however, that due to the weight of lugging around two heavy camera, I mostly shot with my canon (something which I regret now..) and from a roll of 36 only took about 12 photos on my contax, but the images that I got I just love! So here are some of them below:

I love this camera so much, that when I leave London to travel around Mexico and Central America in September I  am thinking of leaving my digital camera at home and just taking my contax with a bunch of film: a nice little challenge for myself to really have to think about what I’m shooting, using the old mantra of ‘quality over quantity’.
What do you think?

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